Solar Power Installation Donations

Did you know….. David Smedema, an Independent Solar Consultant, has agreed to donate a percentage of his profit to Straub Environmental Center?

Go green with solar power and help SEC!

$300 will be donated to SEC if you purchase, install and have on-line before December 31st, 2015, a photovoltaic (PV) system through Solar Consultant, David Smedema.

Current financial incentives for residential solar PV in Oregon include*

a) If you are a PGE or PP&L customer, the Energy Trust of Oregon will pay a portion of your solar project cost.
b) 30% Federal Income Tax Credit.
c) Oregon Residential Income Tax Credit of $6,000 ($1500/year for over 4 years).

For a free solar-site-assessment, estimated project cost and calculation of recovery of out-of-pocket costs, contact:
Dave Smedema, Independent Solar Consultant
(503) 910-9049