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Our motto:  At outdoor school we are here to honor and respect nature and each other.

What SEC provides: All standards-based environmental studies curriculum planning and instruction plus overnight accommodations for two nights and all meals, except lunch the first day.

Who is eligible:  4th- and 5th-grade classrooms and homeschool groups

Outdoor school dates:
Fall 2017: October 3 – 5 | October 10 – 12 | October 17 – 19
Spring 2018: May 15 – 17 | May 22 – 24 |  May 29 — 31

Where: Camp Greider is located in the hills west of Salem. It features a lodge and kitchen with an educationally rich landscape including an Oregon oak grove, Douglas fir forest, pond and meadows.

Our approach:  Each outdoor school session serves one classroom at a time for three days and two nights.  We work on a small scale so we can keep the student-to-instructor ratio low and ensure that the learning experience is of the highest quality for the students.

Why Straub outdoor school is unique:  We include more outdoor instructional time in each day than most programs and balance it out with time for quiet reflection and self-directed exploration.  Our nurturing instructors focus closely on each child’s individual educational and emotional needs in what, for many kids, is their first outdoor experience and their first time away from home.

At SEC, we use the “heart and head” method of environmental education.  We help children make an emotional connection to nature and then an intellectual connection to the natural world.  This approach creates a powerful experience for each child.  The kids leave outdoor school with deeply embedded memories in their hearts and heads.

Curriculum:  Our outdoor school curricula revolves around innovative STEM practices, which include scientific inquiry, community partnerships and applied learning.

Cost:  $85 per person per night including adult chaperones. No charge for classroom teacher. Limit of 5 adult chaperones. $80 per person per night if full amount for the class is paid at least three months prior to outdoor school.

Our Outdoor School Educators:

  • Bobbie Snead (Outdoor School Director, Educator) coordinates the youth education programs for SEC. She is retired from the city of Salem’s Youth Environmental Education Program where she had up to 15,000 student contacts per year.
  • Sally White (Educator) is a retired middle school science teacher who has won the Green Apple Award and the Environmental Educator of the Year from Marion Soil and Water Conservation District.
  • Maureen Foelkl (Educator) is a retired elementary teacher who has won the Crystal Apple Award, the Green Apple Award and was runner up for Oregon Teacher of the Year and recently received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math & Science Teaching.
  • Kathy Behrends (Educator), is a retired elementary teacher in the Salem-Keizer School District who loves to kayak and explore the Great Outdoors.

Educators wishing to sign-up for SEC’s Outdoor School are invited to fill-out the registration form below. For more information, email Bobbie Snead, Straub Youth Education Coordinator, at or call 503-508-5225.

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