Our Educators

One of the most important values SEC offers to the community is our storied team of environmental educators. These highly-qualified professionals represent over 120 years of experience and insight, which they eagerly share through our programs for children, young adults and the community at large.

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Aislinn Adams

Aislinn Adams is an Irish illustrator, designer and horticulturist who has lived in  Salem, Oregon since 2000. Her current work is primarily focused on botanical art, in particular the native plants of the Pacific Northwest.  Aislinn also works as a part-time teacher in the 4-6th Grade Environmental Education Program at Oregon Gardens. Aislinn is a former SEC Board member. 

Laurie Aguirre

Laurie Aguirre has been teaching since 1983 in places such as Grants Pass, Roseburg, Sublimity and Salem. For the past twelve years she has been Environmental Coordinator and second grade teacher at Forest Ridge Elementary/Optimum Learning Environment Charter, an award winning charter school within the public school system. Her students disseminate environmental information to other schools, the community and the public in the form of Power Point Presentations on a variety of topics. Laurie is a former SEC Board member. 

Maureen Foelkl

Maureen Foelkl has been an educator for over thirty years with an intense passion to teach the sciences. Maureen currently teaches grade 3 and is involved with the Salem-Keizer School District leadership roles in both science and STEM education. Her students have been the recipients of over 20 grants that provided opportunities for students to conduct research off campus.

Bobbie Snead

Bobbie Snead graduated cum laude from Western Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in environmental interpretation.  She has been a park naturalist for Whatcom County and Washington State Parks as well as a wilderness leader for YMCA outdoor program for teens. Bobbie worked 19 years in the city of Salem’s Youth Environmental Education Program and develops and coordinates the children’s programs for the Straub Environmental Center. She is a lifelong naturalist and an avid hiker.

Sally White

Sally White is a retired middle school teacher.  She earned both her BA in education and her MS in science from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her career in middle school science education spanned twenty-one years.  During this time she found many opportunities to get her students in touch with nature through grant writing, networking with a regional national park and local farmers, forest managers, state agencies, and environmental and archaeological avocationalists.  Sally has received educator awards and served as a presenter for teacher in-services.  After moving to Oregon, Sally became involved with Straub Environmental Center and is the developer and lead teacher for the Middle School Summer Camp and assists with various other classes and events with SEC.