When you want to live a rich classy life with lot of style embedded in every corner of the house that you want to stay in, then you may prefer staying in a rented house. You may not be confident whether you would continue to live in the same country for more than a decade and hence would prefer a rented house. In this process of enjoying life and having the concept of saving the amount that is otherwise spent in buying a house, you may unknowingly be spending money in paying the rent for the house. So, think what exactly should be your decision for the next year so that you could save this monthly rental amount, add a little more to it and pay it for the Haus on Handy so that you could own the condo and could stay in it peacefully without having to follow any conditions that the house owner would ask you to follow.

Don’t you think you are inviting the problems though you are paying money? In condo you would be able to run your office which is not allowed in the rented house. You could plan for a small weekend party with friends which is again something that you could not think about when you rent a house. Your children are not allowed to shout, write on the walls and even do some art work in their rooms. Your wife have to struggle to keep the kitchen clean all the time with the fear that the owner would ask you to vacate when the kitchen is found to be untidy. Well, you could stay with tension each and every second and hence you should plan to buy the beautiful condo that would enhance your game and enrich your life style to an extent that matches with what you have been dreaming about.

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