So, you have finally decided to install artificial grass on your new lawn. Now what? The next step is to contact new lawn uk who will sell, and install, the grass of your choice. There are different kinds of artificial grass available in the market so it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the features that each type can offer.


Artificial grass comes with different infill

Infill is responsible for keeping your artificial grass flat on the lawn. It weighs the turf down so it doesn’t bunch up like a carpet. There are two types available: latex and polyurethane. Latex infill is more flexible while polyurethane is more rigid. If your new lawn gets exposed to extreme heat, it is better to choose polyurethane infill. The rigidness prevents bubbling or rippling that will eventually result in tears on your artificial grass. Personnel from new lawn uk can talk you through your options of infill.

Artificial grass also comes in various colors

Choosing artificial grass that looks really green may be tempting but, once installed, could appear very fake and cheap. Suppliers advise that homeowners choose a product that comes in various shades. Real grass never looks too uniform. Having a combination of greens can help your lawn look lusher and more natural. Adding some browns into the mix could also help boost the new lawn’s curb appeal.


Artificial grass is made with different products

You can choose between three materials for your artificial grass: polyethylene, polyamide, or polypropylene. You can also opt to get a combination of the three should you choose. Polypropylene and Polyethylene are both ideal for high-foot traffic because they are durable materials. Polyamide is mostly used for gardens and lawns.


Once you are more familiar with the different types and features of artificial grass, you can now send out for samples. Do not have anything installed without getting to touch the choices first hand. Some artificial grass feels different from the way they look in pictures.

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