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NEWS RELEASE – Thursdays, November 12 and 19, 2015
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SALEM, OR—Nov. 12 (2nd-3rd graders) and 19 (4th-5th graders): Raptor Biology. Have you ever wondered what makes a raptor different from other birds? Karen Hoyt of Sky Hunters Environmental Education will be with us to share her knowledge about birds of prey. She’ll bring two live raptors: one is a diurnal (daytime) hunter and the other is a nocturnal (nighttime) hunter. We’ll learn about habitat needs, hunting, nesting and caring for young. Cost is $5 /class and $30/series.
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Facts at a Glance
Event Title: Nature Kids: Raptor Biology
Presenter: Bobbie Snead and Karen Hoyt, Sky Hunters Environmental education
Day/Date: Thursday, November 12th (2nd/3rd grade) and November 19th (4th and 5th graders)
Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm
Location: Straub Environmental Center
Address: 1320 A Street NE Salem, OR 97301
Cost: $5/Nature Kid, due at the door
Public Contact: Nichole Rose, SEC Program Coordinator
Phone: 503-391-4145 | Email: (OK to publish)
Sponsors: Capitol Subaru and LifeSource Natural Foods

About the Presenters
Bobbie Snead
Bobbie is the SEC Education Consultant. As Education Consultant, Bobbie coordinates the youth education programs for the Center, teaches a majority of the programs, and leads the elementary summer camps each year. She also worked for the City of Salem in the Youth Environmental Education Program (YEEP). YEEP is an outreach program which gives classroom presentations and lessons on native animal species to students in grades K – 5. This program reaches more than 15,000 students each year. As a result, a good majority of Salem-Keizer students recognize Bobbie as the Environmental Educator in the district. She has been interested in environmental education since she was a child and is a lifelong naturalist. In her spare time she loves to go hiking.
Karen Hoyt
Karen founded Sky Hunters Environmental Education in 2004 to provide a stronger message of respect and awareness for wildlife in our local community. Karen worked with sick and injured raptors from 1986 through 2006 as a volunteer for Wildlife Rescue of Palo Alto and had been the raptor team leader for over 12 years. Caring for sick, injured, and orphaned birds of prey became a passion that will continue through her life time.
She created an independent banding study in 1991, looking at the survival rate of raptors released after rehabilitation. Karen has spent many years observing wild raptors for scientific studies as well as banding raptors with the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory in Marin, CA. Five years of data collection from telemetry studies has given her a new insight into movements of Cooper’s Hawks in California.
She leads nature walks and field trips educating youngsters and adults about the environment and how birds fill vital niches. With a deep love of our native wildlife, she brings enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge to our presentations.

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